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Welcome friends to WyzFam! What I hope will be your one stop shop for most of your gaming needs.

We set out with the goal of making something that anyone can use. It was intended for the game audience, but I think when you dig into this application, youll see theres more than meets the eye.

View of Life Counter

Usability: Weve got that in spades! There is a timer, list, match counter, poison counter, win loss record, optional starting life, save on close, and it goes on. We wanted to create something that could be used by anyone, anywhere.

Visibility: An app that was nice to look at. High contrast with bold greens and reds. Sometimes playing games you are in not so optimal ligting conditions, Ive tried to address these issues for you. In a dark room the app wont be too bright beacause its all in black. You wont be using this for your flashlight! In darker situations the light wont be blasting out and distracting anyone.

Layout: Following some theories from the Tufte Courses, try to keep it as uncluttered as possible. Everything on the home screen and the random Dice, Card, and Coin buttons should be all you need. The List/Browser, and Preferences pages are their own seperate entities and thus have their own method for opening them.

Weve worked hard to create a product that you will enjoy and use. Please let us know what you think!! Well be working to improve and modify if needed!

And this isn't it! Already finished are a browser, and support for up to 8 players on 1 game!! There will be updates to WyzFam, but we're making them bulletproof before we ship them out to you!