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  • life counter
  • stats
  • inventory
  • spells
  • abilities
  • weapons
  • armor
  • coins
  • full die set

Version: 1.0.1

coming soon:
¤ multiple characters
¤ custom fields
¤ online version
 • printable characters
 • email your character

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tCiMP - the Character in My Pocket


Welcome to tCimp - Your portable character

Initial Screen View

You ever been caught somewhere, all of a sudden a game starts and there you are without your character? No More! tCiMP is here!

Now you can store your character and keep it with you all the time!

Need a new character? Just go in page by page, and replace the example character, theres even dice for rolling stats if you need them. Whether its 3d6 for a game like D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) or a game like Persona, any RPG. Youll be up and running in no time!

Have an existing character? Again, go page by page and replace whats there!

What do you get? the features include: stats, class, level, race, alignment, speed, height, weight, gender, religion, weapons, armor, life total, current life tracker, miscelleneous resistance/save checks, armor rating, 3 different types of coin/money tracking, item list, spell/power list (just enter the ones you use most), ability list, a full set of dice with history, and more!

Dont ever get caught without your character again!